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Our Vision for Black Soap Club

First, let me give you a little background on me and how Black Soap Club came about, and then the vision will make a lot more sense.  I was born to be an owner, not an employee.  I started selling candy in middle school, started my first real business at the age of 19, which was part of the reason I was the youngest person in my graduating class at Harvard Business School, and I've only had a corporate job for a total of 1 year of my life.  I'm not made for corporate life, and I'm really not made to work for white people.  That's just how it is.  I was born this way.  My true gift is being...

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Why Black Soap Club?

We should all understand the importance of Black economic empowerment and supporting Black businesses by now.  There is no Black Power without economic power.  As long as we have to beg others for jobs and have other groups in control of our financial destiny, we will be at their mercy.  The person who signs your check has a great influence over your life. If viewed as a separate nation within a nation, Black America would be one of the wealthiest countries on the planet.  Why then do we find ourselves in such a dire economic predicament?  Because we do not organize and use our collective economic power to support our own businesses and institutions.  A ridiculous large percentage of our...

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The Difference Between Body Butters, Lotions, and Creams

Despite having been adulting for many years, some of us didn't know the difference between body butters, creams, and lotions when trying to decide which products to include in our subscription boxes.  So we did some research and thought we would share our findings. Body Butter The thickest of the three is body butter, which has a consistency similar to the butter we eat. It has the strongest scent and lasts longer than both lotion and creme. Body butter products are typically manufactured using a combination of carrier oils and essential butters and do not typically contain water. Carrier oils are the substances that are used to hold and deliver the essential ingredients into the skin. Butters are the essential...

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