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Natural Remineralizing Mouthwash

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Modern dental care has taught people that the only way to treat cavities is to fill them. But there are other options. In fact, my remineralizing mouth rinse can support your teeth’s natural process of rebuilding—and even reverse smaller cavities if you catch them early enough.

Cavities are caused by a combination of multiple factors in the mouth, including an acidic pH, a lack of mineral-rich saliva, and the presence of bacteria that feed on the remnants of certain foods before excreting cavity-causing acids onto the teeth.

But when these factors are controlled and optimized—that is, when pH is neutralized, the mouth is producing adequate amounts of healthy saliva, and the oral microbiome has the proper balance of good and bad bacteria—it’s not just possible to prevent future cavities.

You can also reverse cavities that already exist.

And that’s where this remineralizing mouth rinse comes in.

Ingredients: distilled water, calcium carbonate, l-arginine, xylitol, linatural, natural flavoring

Directions: Shake well before use.  Rinse around in your mouth for 60 seconds after brushing teeth.

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