Natural Remineralizing Tooth Powder

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Natural Remineralizing Tooth Powder

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Modern dental care has taught people that the only way to treat cavities is to fill them.  But there are other options.  Cavities are caused by a combination of multiple factors in the mouth, including an acidic pH, a lack of mineral-rich saliva, and the presence of bacteria that feed on the remnants of certain foods before excreting cavity-causing acids onto the teeth.

But when these factors are controlled and optimized, it's not just possible to prevent future cavities, you can also reverse cavities that already exist!  This remineralizing tooth powder supports the oral microbiome, rebalances the mouth's pH, and introduces essential minerals that support the natural remineralization process.

You really can cure tooth decay at home, according to Ramiel Nagel, author of Cure Tooth Decay. It takes some commitment and a change in lifestyle, but it’s doable. It begins with a diet that is free of sugar and refined carbohydrates, the kind that raises your blood glucose levels.  High blood glucose levels mean problems for bones and teeth.  Keeping your blood sugar in balance is a key prescription for better health, including better dental health.

Dr. Weston Price found that people eating traditional diets not only had improved dental health, but their bone structure was also different and their teeth were stronger.  But for those of us who didn’t grow up on a traditional diet, this remineralizing tooth powder can help bridge the gap, while we get our diets in order.

The good things that help rebuild your teeth are also the things that help rebuild your immune system and help you conquer chronic diseases like cancer.  There is a critical connection between the state of your teeth and the state of your health.

This tooth powder contains all natural ingredients that are safe for you, your teeth, and the environment unlike commercial toothpaste, in which the glycerin and fluoride inhibit the remineralization of tooth enamel.

How to use

Wet tooth brush and dip into tooth powder (a little goes a long way).  Brush as normal and rinse with water to remove excess powder.  1 oz may not seem like a lot, but this little jar can last twice as long as a regular tube of toothpaste because there's no space taken up by water/liquid.  Also great for travel because you don't have to remove it from your bag like you would with a liquid.

Ingredients: bentonite clay, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, vitamin D3, activated charcoal, sodium bicarbonate, xylitol, Himalayan sea salt, organic clove powder, arrowroot powder, essential oils

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